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Travis Schooley For Congress Platform Issues


If chosen to be a representative of the people of the 9th District I will attempt to represent everyone fairly and equally, however you should realize, that as your Representative to the U.S. Congress I would and should be restrained by the limitations set forth upon the Federal Government by the U.S. Constitution.  You see there is no way to represent all people fairly who all want different things and are not respectful of their neighbors rights, without one set of rules.  The ultimate goal is to protect Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in a Family Friendly Society that accommodates and protects Faith, the Family Unit as the first and foremost basic building block of healthy societies, and Collective National Security within the confinement of  historically proper legal American structures.

I will support and work closely with our elected State Representatives to advance state initiatives that will benefit the communities and  constituents of the Ninth Congressional District.

Riders on Bills and Voluminious Legislation:  Has Washington D.C. gone mad?  Congressman should be reading the legislation before voting for on it and if Congress hasn't been given sufficient time then voting should be resisted and stalled until such time that the legislation has been read, reviewed, digested, discussed and analyzed.  I will not vote for a bill that I have not read and will openly advocate other representatives to do the same.  Furthermore, legislation should be as transparent and as simple as possible.  Too much is at stake, and the American People deserve nothing less.  We should not foster a system where we tolerate Riders on Bills because it does not promote simplicity and transparency of government.  Legislation should be pointed and focused and all content subject matter should pertain to the overall theme of the legislation. 

Term Limits: I support term limits for all offices.  Term limits do two things: It rotates more people in and out or office which means it increases public experience and education about government and inhibits the ability of career politicians to engage in self-serving behavior and the setting up of networks with which to become corrupt.

OUR REPUBLIC ... in danger. American's feel betrayed by their elected officials. Our Founding Father's would be ashamed at what we have allowed our government to become. Government overregulation and the concern of what government will do next, has Americans reeling and the business community apprehensive to invest in the future of their businesses, so production and job creation will remain sluggish so long as our government is engaging in behaviors and postures that are creating instability and future uncertainty in our nation.


- Restore America’s founding political heritage
- Promote limited government thereby reducing cost of operating government.
- Bolster domestic energy production to reduce foreign reliance.
- Promote National Security without sacrificing our civil liberties.
- Protect the 2nd Amendment at all costs.
- Promote the establishment of term limits.
- Promote immigration reform by improving the system and following the law without  amnesty.
- Hold the FED accountable. No more bailouts.
- Reduce taxes thereby increasing disposable income for businesses and individuals.
- Promote less spending without military defense cuts.
- Bring jobs back by every means available without increasing national debt.
- Empower the individual through self-reliance and political knowledge.
- Counter Government overregulation.  Simplify For Prosperity.
- Advocate for protection of all life from conception to natural death.
​Liberty is America's Lifeblood and when Tempered with Individual Responsibility it Benefits All of Us.


A free people who are able to keep the fruits of their labor will be motivated to work hard and produce to improve the quality of their life. Just as Benjamin Franklin warned, Liberty should not be sacrificed for security.  If we aimlessly give into fear over security concerns and put into place permanent excessive surveillance and un-Constitutional enforcement practices, we risk the long-term degradation or extinction of Liberty.  The long-term trampling of the Bill of Rights by our government, and erosion of the presumption of innocence and due process of law threatens to effectively change our form of government into an tyrannical form. Therefore all extraordinary security and surveillance measures need expiration dates.  If Americans turn their backs on our heritage, we will cease to be a free people, and the spirit of America will die and free enterprise will be damaged or destroyed.  To the extreme, no commerce will take place outside of direct and indirect government involvement, funding, managment or requirement. 

I remind people that Bill Shuster voted for all the Patriot Acts, Mandatory Biometric National IDs, and The NDAA of 2012, which allows the permanent Military Detention of U.S. Citizens without the presumption of innocence and due process of law.  This Act should never have been passed with this provision and it erodes the fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments and violates the spirit of the Writ of Habeas Corpus. 

We should have serious consternation in setting up a procedural process for the detainment of non-criminal citizens, a system of pervasive and total surveillance, a militarily armed and trained police force, and a system where all Americans are presumed and scrutinized as enemies of the state, likely domestic terrorists, criminals, or enemy combatants.  The healthy presumption of innocence is fading and our collective fears are taking over.

Some people claim not to be concerned the surveillance state being constructed all around us, because they claim to have nothing to hide, but that is beside the point, because placing this amount of instrumentation and power in the hands of the few is potentially horrific.  History is the best teacher, and as the saying goes from someone great, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Reduce Spending, Reduce Government Meddling, and Pace Ourselves Into a Healthy and Sustainable Free Market Economy.


Big government spending policies are bankrupting America and saddling the current and future generations with an insurmountable debt. It is irresponsible, immoral, and quite frankly causing a confidence issue with the dollar. The debt ceiling should not be raised despite the fear of not doing so.  We have a spending problem not a revenue problem.  With over $16 Trillion of public debt, many Tens of Trillions of more debt to be assumed from projections and already approved spending over the next couple decades, over $16 Trillion of private debt as well, and the fact that this is a global phenomenon, there is a unique recipe for disaster perhaps worse than at anytime in the world.  We need to take proper steps to avert the potential of a calamity.

The personal debt of Americans is too high to raise tax rates because it will affect people’s ability to purchase goods and services, and at the same time harm business.  The danger involved with less government spending is compounded by the fact much of our economy and jobs are connected directly through government employment, government spending, government grants, subsidized markets, and overregulation.  Some of these factors destroy viable jobs and at the same time creates and sustains otherwise un-natural jobs and increases the cost of business and construction activity.  There is immense political pressure on public office holders to maintain current or near-to-current levels of government spending.  Our fiscal mismanagement is a very real threat to our currency, the middle class, and ultimately our national security.  This crisis is worldwide and world markets and currencies in peril historically increase the likelihood of wars, civil unrest, and increasing poverty.

The current practice of privatized gains and socialized losses is unfair to the people of the United States. In all of this, do not forget that Bill Shuster voted for the $700 Billion Dollar TARP Bailout, cash for clunkers, and raising the debt ceiling!

Free Trade Agreements: Government managed and manipulated trade is anything but free.  It costs American Jobs, alters our product value, supply and demand, and causes other unforeseen circumstances.  NAFTA was voted in by Bud Shuster and CAFTA was voted in by his son Bill Shuster.  While Bill Shuster runs his campaign on job creation, his vote for so-called Free Trade has contributed to the outsourcing of American jobs. 

Go To US-Debt Clock.Org
The Second Amendment Secures The Rest.


The Nation’s Founders recognized that the right of the people to keep and bear arms was instrumental in ensuring the guarantee of the other rights in the Bill of Rights, and for providing for the common defense of the newly formed nation.  The very fact that there are many armed Americans deterred a Japanese invasion of the United States in World War Two.  The limitation placed on the Federal Government by the several states via the U.S. Constitution must be respected and vigorously defended if we expect our posterity to enjoy the Liberties that many are taking for granted. 

Sadly, our hearts go out to victims of gun violence and lament the fact that guns are used for evil, but guns are also used to save lives.  Overall, a well-armed citizenry is a deterrent to crime, terror, tyranny, and foreign invasion and therefore this issue is inextricably linked to national security and the safety of individuals and communities alike.

More Taxes equals more government but Less Investment, Less Savings, Less Jobs, and Less Freedom.


We don't need tax rebates, we need permanent tax cuts for everyone, which are only possible with spending cuts and abiding by the principles of a limited government.  Less Taxes will put money into the hands of people and businesses alike to improve our economy and create new jobs.  There is still the problem that some large corporations are paying little to no taxes at all.  If the Constitution was followed we would have a smaller and less expensive government to maintain, and then we could reduce the tax rates without running out of funds to run the government.

The Tax Code is much too complicated, and this should be simplified. Right now the tax code is filled with rules and exceptions, which are intended to grow business.  However it has the net effect in many cases of encouraging businesses to over-spend just to receive tax write-offs, and this creates too much business debt which offsets profits and raises the cost of goods and services.  Over-leveraged businesses do not do as well in a poor economy.   It is always surprising for people to hear the truth, that tax filers can actually get a rebate check for more than they paid out in taxes in the first place.

The government should not be bailing out, purchasing, or running companies and competing with the private sector.  This goes against a Free Market economy.

Promote immigration reform by increasing efficiency, enforcement, border security and following the law without amnesty.


America was born out of the peoples from other nations and Americans have more than any other nation welcomed foreigners into our lands.   Legal immigration has benefited this nation greatly.  We should welcome new people to our lands who are enterprising and wanting to become Americans. However, we should not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of and it is questionable how helpful it is to allow undocumented foreign workers into this country to displace American laborers, particularly if these people have no intention of becoming Americans or to become properly documented.  Newcomers need to learn and embrace the socio-political heritage of this nation and follow our laws.  Our existing laws need to be enforced, illegal IS illegal, people at our borders need screened to prevent terror, crime and disease, therefore our borders need defended from these threats, and the INS and Border Patrol need to be allowed to do their job. No Blanket Amnesty should be given to reward lawlessness. If undeserving incentives alone that are funded from the public’s money are removed the problem of illegal immigration will largely cease to exist.

Now, we also need to have an effective and timely system for responsibly processing people coming across the border.  We owe this to our citizens and those who are coming here seeking to become Americans.


The policies of the current administration have exposed Americans individually and collectively to the dangers of terrorists, drug cartel warfare, criminals, and the potentially diseased.  Border Security is the Federal Government’s responsibility and if they refuse to do it then they should not be restricting the states from protecting their citizens.  A fortress is only as strong as its weakest point of entry, and therefore we have basically zero border security.  In this present world that is opening us up to unimaginable threats and we owe it to Americans to fix this problem.

Domestic energy production (like Marcellus Shale) provides jobs and bolsters national security by reducing dependency on foreign energy sources.


Marcellus Shale: Marcellus Shale exploration and development is a tremendous opportunity for Pennsylvania and by association, the nation as well.  Marcellus Shale offers Pennsylvanians thousands of secure jobs over the course of many years; however we should go to lengths to ensure that it is done safely and responsibly as far as the environment, personal property, and human health is concerned.  Domestic energy production not only supplies jobs to Americans but it also reduces our dependency on foreign energy sources, which frankly links this issue to national security like so many other issues do.

National Energy Security:  The United States imports roughly two-thirds of our crude oil from politically unstable nations that do not have our national interest at heart, and worse, those that are outright enemies.  This places our enemies in a unique position to strike blows upon us that can damage us economically not only as a threat to the value of the Dollar but also by energy interruptions which could lead to production  interruptions.  We experience higher fuel costs and this impacts everyone.  Why should we subject ourselves to the whim of foreign nations who have no interest in our stability and security? 

The so-called Petro-Dollar system where middle eastern oil was politically force-exchanged in U.S. Dollars is faltering due to some nations abandoning this practice – this threatens the status of the U.S. Dollar remaining as the world’s reserve currency.  The United States has a bounty of energy sources at home and more than ever we need to utilize this energy to reduce our dependency on foreign energy sources, and this is a matter of national security.

Alternative Energy: Overall development of alternative energy is a good thing but the government should allow it to proceed upon the basis of the free market.  Over and over again government subsidies, tax incentives, and directives only cause mal-investment and false markets that are not naturally sustainable, and will ultimately be subjected to natural market corrections down the road or devastating outcomes for individual investors.  In short, the government should resist the temptation to meddle in the markets and create false energy markets that otherwise would not exist.

EPA: As is the case for development of any kind, in the Energy Industry, the EPA and every other agencies following closely behind the EPA’s policy directives are overregulating and placing difficult financial burdens upon energy plants, exploration, source development, and pipeline projects that collectively serve the best interests of America.  Not many people argue with some regulation, but what we have today surpasses logic.  The energy production restrictions forbid energy exploration in many areas of the United States and these actions cause the cessation or delay of energy development and in many cases forces energy exploration overseas.  New expansive regulations will likely lead to higher utility bills for Americans at a time when so many are struggling to survive.

Particularly, we still need to protect our ground water resources because as much as we need energy security we also need clean drinking water.

Building a Future with Competitive Free-Choice Schooling.


It is true that the key to the future lies in a good education.  I support the free choice of parents to select the appropriate education based upon their convictions, priorities and personal choice.  This means that we should respect the choice to homeschool or enrollment in private or parochial schools.

The Federal Government should be out of the business of education and No Child Left Behind (which Bill Shuster voted for) has been a disaster.  Just ask any teacher.  Education should not be a federally centralized one-size fits all system.  No Child Left Behind has removed our communities and parents from the driver seat.

Government educational intervention has un-naturally impacted the job market by creating job classifications and job market demands that do not reflect the supply and demand within a free market system.  Time after time we see the hangover effects of government initiatives through over-involvement and well intentioned efforts backfiring.  They have altered the natural state of a free market and have caused many negative workforce side effects. 

Common Core and Cultural Education:  Common Core should be opposed.  At every turn the Federal Government seems to be attempting to mold our children through curriculum and school campus culture.  Through government management of Education, our nation's history and political heritage has been undermined, erased, ridiculed, and skewed.  They refuse to provide a truly safe environment from gunmen for our children to learn and have set up counterintuitive processes that are expensive, discourage competition, individual excellence, and have placed emphasis on testing and paperwork over true learning.

Keeping Promises and Honoring Obligations.

​​The Government must keep its promise to seniors.  Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement programs they are user paid programs, and these people have paid into these programs their whole lives and the government has a contractual obligation to honor its commitment.  People have planned their futures counting on these programs are depending on these programs for survival, therefore we cannot make changes on the older generations. 

It is obvious that unless America re-prioritizes its expenditures, that we will all have to live with the fact that these programs will not be solvent in the future, therefore changes will have to be made to phase in reforms.

​Promote Food Security To Feed The Millions And Sustain Our Agricultural Heritage.


Pennsylvania's Ninth District farmers and ranchers provide a bounty of food and fiber products from crops and livestock.  Our peaches are renowned nationally and our fine dairy products are produced in plenty.  Other agricultural products are provided by the good folks who make farming and ranching their living.  We thank them for what they do and the jobs that they create.  It goes without saying that adequate food supplies of good quality are indispensable to provide food security both locally and nationally.  We must remember where our food comes from and agriculture has been the historical focal point of economic activity and remains largely so today. 

Our District's farmers need the least amount of red tape possible to ensure that they can focus on farming rather than paperwork, and we should not be taxing or regulating farmers into financial jeopardy or off of their property.  We should not tolerate the unfair treatment of our farmers from overbearing agencies pushing nefarious agendas and threatening the viability of our food supply.

Farming is a family affair and an environment needs to be fostered to allow the family farm to be handed down generationally without indebting the family and driving them off their land.  They know how to farm so let them to their work.

A Job Creation Climate comes naturally with Economic and Political Stability best achieved by The Free Market.


The job market will not improve until Americans feel optimistic and secure about their future.  All the variables that contribute to this apprehension and insecurity must improve or the job market will remain stagnant.  Government fiscal solvency, monetary policy actions, tax rates, free trade agreements, the strength of the market and Dollar, government regulation, wars and erosion of liberty all play into this and right now we are facing a combined storm of obstacles.

Do not trust those who promise to create jobs because they are looking to further meddle with the economy.  When government gets out of the way jobs create themselves because people feel good about the future, they seek to fulfill a dream, project a profit in doing so, and hire workers to complete the work.

Our Veterans Need The Best Care And Support Structures.

What is a Veteran?

A "Veteran" - whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve is someone who at one point in his or life wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America," for an amount of "up to, and including his or life".  - Quote circulating the internet, unknown author.

Prioritizing the care of veterans whether active or retired, healthy, injured or disabled is the only honorable thing to do for a nation to do that depends on those in military service.  The Department of Veterans Affairs needs to be properly funded to meet the needs of our veterans, and we need to supply adequate funding to ensure that our military can perform their tasks.

​I will fight for veterans and POWs if I am sent to Washington D.C.  They all wrote us a blank check and we can do our part to support them and their families when they are in need.

Travis Schooley For Congress Pennsylvania District 9 unseat Bill Shuster  Republican Tea Party Challenger 2014 election

Travis Schooley For Congress

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