Travis was born and raised in Pennsylvania's 9th Congressional District.  It is here that he calls home, and it is where most of his family calls home.  Historically, dating back to the 1700's this is where his family called home as well.  There are hundreds of years of family history here, and this is where some of that family mustered and armed themselves with muskets in the Bedford County Militia and Continental Army against the prospect of a local British invasion.  The mountains and valleys of the "Ninth" are a part of who he is.

Travis was born in McConnellsburg, Fulton County, in 1974, and raised in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  In his youth he took college preparatory and business curriculum courses and was active in football, track and cross country.  He joined the United States Army  in 1993 where he served as an Intelligence Analyst, working on theater and national-level mission priorities. 

Upon leaving active duty, Travis began studies at Shippensburg University, while he maintained employment and continued to serve in the Army National Guards as a Non-Commissioned Officer as an analyst, supervisor, and common task trainer while being enrolled full time in university.  Travis graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Environmental Studies in 2000, and continued serving in the Army National Guards.  Travis was a non-traditional student (adult not living on campus) and hard worker and knows first-hand what it takes to balance public service, work, and scholastic studies.

Travis has private sector experience in public utilities and engineering related services.  Travis has been a municipal manager and has successfully worked closely with local government seeking project compliance, performing environmental analysis and reporting, performing project and construction budgets, grant applications, state permitting compliance, and writing construction specifications and ordinances for municipalities.  This background is compatible and valuable to understanding local level and state level government affairs as it relates to federal agency regulations particularly for new infrastructure projects and land development.  His environmental career and college concentration in Geology also lends him a background to be knowledgable about PA's Marcellus Shale mining operations in the state.

Travis is a Christian and devoted husband and father, having been happily married for over ten years and has three children under school-age.  He owns and operates a small business raising livestock with his wife Jill, having begun the business over ten years ago.  Travis feels that a stable future and retirement will not be an option for the majority of his or later generations without individual entrepreneurialism and continuing to strive hard in all areas of life.  Travis is accustomed to balancing the priorities of family, worship, career, business owner, public service, and intellectual development.

Travis is on the Executive Committee of the Franklin County Republican Committee, a member of the Young Republicans of Franklin County, a member of PA Senator Mike Folmer's Constitutional Organization of Liberty, and a Lifetime Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Travis took an oath to the Constitution, and believes in an "Exceptional America", a strong national defense, domestic energy production, and a small constitutionally-limited government with low taxation to ensure plenty of jobs and a healthy and vibrant free market economy.  He wants to represent the people of Pennsylvania's 9th District including those who are politically disenfranchised and discouraged.  Travis believes that a strong and reformed Republican Party is the best chance to counter the efforts of those who are undermining the socio-political heritage of America.

Travis Schooley For Congress Bill Shuster Challenger